Jeg har fået nogle af mine kunder til at skrive om vores samarbejde. Jeg håber deres udtalelser giver dig tro og lyst til at samarbejde med mig.


“Tak for et super oplæg til vores kursus for nyankomne flygtninge indvandrer. Tusind tak for alt materialet også!”
Anne Dixgaard, Integrationsnet – En del af Dansk Flygtningehjælp

Personal counseling

If you´re starting a new business, I advise you to get counselling from Mr. Thomsen because you will learn a lot about entrepreneurship and business. One more time, thank you Mr. Thomsen for everything!
Marisa Silva, Mia Crafts Studio

Mogens Thomsen har været en god sparringspartner i forbindelse med udarbejdelsen af forretningsplan. Gennem processen gjorde Mogens os skarpere på både virksomhedside, produkt og værdiskabning, og hans viden og praktiske erfaring med udarbejdelse af forretningsplaner gjorde det nemmere for os at gå ‘fra ide til virkelighed’.
Ann Katrin Dybdahl, Leder Kvindehuset

I found it very effective. My most important questions were answered and I benefited from all the key points that you tackled. Definitely worth it. I now feel ready to start the process of being a business owner in Denmark.
Carole Mita Khakula, House of Nubia

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Først og fremmest tak for en fantastisk side – En uvurderlig hjælp i en opstartsfase.
Martin Witt, Design By Witt

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“Spent the afternoon going through your website I feel so enlightened. In India we would call you Gurudev. (The Learned One)”
Ashish J Sanyal, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor, India

“Very usefull for our African Women entrepreneurship Center (AWEC)”
Kassoum Coulibaly, Mali

“Os parabéns pelos conteúdos no site e pela qualidade da informação.”(Congratulations for the content on the site and the quality of information)
Jorge Landau, Brazil

“Having researched a great deal on the subject and regularly interacting with female mentees and startups, I found a great deal of value in it. Thank-you!”
Alysia Silberg, South Africa

“I’m happy that I saw your website today and truly like the things you’ve said regarding entrepreneurship education.”
John Ita, Ph.D. Oxford Brookes University

“Thank you very much for your swift response on the materials I asked you and for the provision of the materials. I am sure that this will guide me a lot and thank you for your helping in Educating me and hence the education will be chained to my fellow Africans.”
Ashenafi, St, Mary University, Addis Ababa

“I am a self employed aspiring business owner and a multimedia design graduate from the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. The material provided on your website and your contribution to the global industry of entrepreneurship is phenomenal.”
Rabatho Laka, South Africa

“Thank you for giving me an opportunity of doing what I do well and that is to teach.  The fact that you provide a free teachers’ manual allows me to concentrate on delivering the message rather than researching the content.”
Des Maree, American International School of Johannesburg

“Having worked in laying the foundation for a start-up, I think this resource has very relevant points to start a business.”
Heeshma Chhatralia, India

“I am really, really grateful for this resource that you have so freely shared with me. May the Lord bless you with more opportunities and favour as you have granted me this opportunity.”
Timeyin Ogungbe, Nigeria

“I have gone through the materials you sent me for my college and I must express my sincere gratitude for this help.”
Agyarko Agyei, president of Beulah College of Entrepreneurship, Ghana

“Thanx and keep up the amazing work, lots of amazing info i found on your site.”
Leeroy Fredericks, Bulawayo creative minds, Zimbabwe